Dalton sprockets

Dalton Sprockets & Gears

Dalton  sprockets Dalton sprockets

Dalton Sprockets & Gears

Dalton Sprockets For Use In OSD Units
Specialy ground sprockets are recommended for use with all Torque Limiters. Both faces of Dalton OSD sprockets are ground to approximately a 32 micro-inch finish. Uniform surfaces and parallel faces insure that Dalton OSD's will maintain proper torque release and re-engagement much longer than units without special sprockets. In addition, fibers last longer and OSD's require less maintenance.
OSD-131 OSD-225 OSD-256 OSD-337 OSD-362 OSD-450 OSD-493 OSD-600 OSD-750 OSD-900
25A20G 25A32G 35A25G 35A31G 35A34G 35A41G* 41A35G* 41A52G* 40A52G* 60A41G*
35A14G 35A22G 41A20G 41A25G 41A26G 41A32G 40A35G* 40A42G* 50A42G* 80A32G
41A12G 41A18G 40A20G 40A25G 40A26G 40A32G 50A28G* 50A34G 60A35G* 100A26G
40A12G 40A18G 50A17G 50A21G 50A22G 50A26G 60A24G 60A30G 80A27G 120A22G
50A10G 50A15G 60A15G 60A18G 60A19G 60A23G 80A19G 80A22G 100A22G 140A20G
  60A13G   80A14G 80A15G 80A18G 100A16G 100A19G 120A19G 160A18G
          100A15G 120A14G 120A17G 140A17G  
          120A13G   140A15G 160A15G  

Dalton Drive Tensioners & Idler Sprockets

Base Pad with Tension Slot Secondary Adjusting Arm with Base Angular Base Secondary Adjusting Arm with Angular Base
Spring Tensioner on Base Pad Spring Tensioner on Angular Base Shaft Mounted Tensioner Ball Bearing Idler Sprokets
Model 202 Shaft-Mounted Worm Gear Reducers Model 303 Shaft-Mounted Worm Gear Reducers
    Model 412 Worm Gear Reducers
Worm Gear Reducers Rotation And Configuration
  Model 460 Worm Gear Reducers       Model 418 Worm Gear Reducers    

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